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Human Resources (HR) Solutions

ISS merged the provision of both HR consulting services and VOLT HRMS in a full HR solution where tailored HR services are provided to the clients according to their needs through using VOLT HRMS. This way; organizations can guarantee full implementation of HR concepts using the state of the art of HR tools and get the optimal professional help in building their HR functions, which includes the following:

1. Organizational Structures building.
2. Job Descriptions Documentation.
3. Human Resources allocation planning (including: Hiring from within, Career Pathing, Succession Planning, Recruitment Process, etc.)
4. Human Resources Development (including: Orientation programs, Training planning & execution, Employees evaluation, etc.)
5. Human Resources Rights and Duties (including: Disciplinary Management, Salaries, Allowances, Benefits, Vacations...)

  • ISS offers VOLT SaaS (VOLT Software as a Service) through the web site Where the customer can register and use the software securely on the internet without having to worry about maintaining the server Hardware, Operating System, Database management system and other IT related functions like operating system security updates, virus protection, software upgrades and backups.

  • Security Services

    ISS provides the following security services:

    1. Security Program

    The Security Program is a set of security controls that can be grouped under management, operational, and technical terms. Where standards, guidelines, and procedures are distributed throughout an organization to help employees implement the right security practices.

    2. Security Policy

    The Security Policy helps in documenting the IT security decisions made by the top management and envisioning IT security requirements as well as the paths of implementation.

    3. Risk Management

    The Risk Management security service balances between the operational and economic costs of protective measures and helps organizations in becoming capable of protecting their data and systems.

    4. Security Architecture

    Security Architecture security service refers to the strategic planning and development of the IT infrastructure that supports the security objects and organizational plans.

    5. Security Evaluation of IT Products

    Security Evaluation of IT products assesses the conformity of products and systems against security requirements.

    6. Infrastructure security

    Infrastructure Security service helps its customers in determining what they need to secure in their IT back office infrastructure; by determining the best protection practices against intrusion, spamming, viruses, and hacking.

    ISS follows the following approach in providing its Security Services:

  • ISS Globalization Services provide customers with a tool to move on toward international expansion; this should be done after taking the following points into consideration:

    • Determining that the applications are really needed in the countries to be sold in.
    • Understanding all legal issues in those countries related to applications.
    • Understanding all linguistic differences.

    We offer innovative, end-to-end turnkey solutions. We provide best practices in globalization design and architecture, strategy and standards, technical support, training, and deployment.

    Globalization Services

    • Globalization Verification Testing: ISS provides its clients with testing services for their developed global software to ensure and verify compatibility with globalization requirements.
    • Architecture and Code Review: ISS reviews the clients existing or new applications and helps them in developing methodologies and identifying the changes needed for their applications to work worldwide.
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