VOLT ATTENDANCE: Time is precious

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  • This is an optional module that can be purchased separately; however, existence of VOLT PAY is a needed for it to work.
  • VOLT ATTENDANCE integrates with VOLT COMPETENCY, VOLT HR and VOLT ESS if they are available.
  • VOLT ATTENDANCE ADVANCE is an extension to VOLT ATTENDANCE that contains extra features for projected environment to calculate cost and time spent on a project or with a customer.
  • VOLT ATTENDANCE is a system to manage
    • Integration with electronic Attendance monitoring systems.
    • Supply feedback to the VOLT PAY system for overtime and delay salary calculation.
    • Shift definitions and periods associated with them.
    • Assigning shifts to employees.
    • Overtime definitions and approval.
    • Define flexible shift hours for companies requiring them.
    • Define public holidays and weekends.


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