VOLT HRMS: Human Resource Management System

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VOLT HRMS is a Human Resources Management System that contains an integrated set of applications to deal with all aspects of managing and planning human resources in an organization. It contains the following applications:

VOLT ESS and VOLT ATTENDANCE cannot be purchased alone as they require VOLT PAY and/or VOLT COMPETENCY to be available before they can be installed, the rest of VOLT products can be purchased together or individually.

General Features of VOLT:


Web Based User Interface

  • VOLT is accessed through the web browser, which enables users to access the system no matter where they are. 
  • Being a server-client application, it provides centralized maintenance, security, and upgrades for its customers.

Highly Customizable

  • Customers can customize VOLT for their own use.
  • It supports multiple database management systems to suite company infrastructure.
  • Authentication can be integrated with the company directory server or it can use VOLT's internal authentication system.
  • Menu options change based on the types of users using the system and their access level, which are controlled by the company administrator.
  • Text fonts, colors and backgrounds are all customizable.
  • The logo of the customer can be added to all reports.


  • VOLT is designed to run in a multilingual user interface.
  • Customer data can be entered in any language.
  • VOLT naturally comes with Arabic and English user interfaces, but other languages can be added.

One Company One HR

  • Companies with multiple branches need one installation of VOLT.
  • It provides support for multiple companies within the same group.
  • It supports multiple organizational structures.
  • It helps support multiple tax systems to suit companies with branches in multiple countries.


  • A rich set of reports can be created by the administrator to deal with all aspects of the system.


  • VOLT provides powerful search functionality allowing users of the system to search for the data they need based on many search fields.


  • Powerful authentication; the administrator can choose to use VOLT Authentication or connect to the company's LDAP server for this purpose.
  • Granular authorization support; the administrator can control access to every form of the system.
  • Users can be given access individually or as members of a group, both of which can be active.


  • VOLT provides a notification feature that allows sending emails when certain actions occur.
  • Notification actions are customizable by the company administrator.
  • SMS notifications can be added.


  • Have multiple levels of logs for informational, security and tracing purposes.
  • All add, modify and delete operations on system definitions, transactions, and employee records are logged.
  • All security actions like successful/failed logins, creating, modifying and deleting users and groups are logged.


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