Human Resources Solutions

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This service includes offering human resources counseling services for organisations, in addition to building a human resources system for them through our enhanced VOLT system, where an automated standard human resources solution can be obtained.

What is unique about this service is its ability to offer HR solutions designed especially according to the workers' needs, using the VOLT program. Institutions can ensure the HR application they have complies with the best automated human resources tools and help from a team of experts. The services this system has to offer include:

  1. Building the organisational skeleton for the organisation.
  2. Authenticating job descriptions.
  3. Planning to organise recruitment (including retirements on the inside, directing occupational ways, substitution cascade, the hiring procedure,etc..)
  4. Enriching human resources (including the directional programs, planning training and executing it, assessing employees,etc..)
  5. Rights and duties of human resources (including running punishments and grants, payment details, exchanges, specials, vacations, and others.)
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